Bowmore The Changeling 22 Year Old 70CL
Bowmore The Changeling 22Y damaged box 70CL

Bowmore The Changeling 22Y damaged box 70CL


Bowmore The Changeling 22 Year Old 70CL single malt. Initially matured in American oak hogsheads, the whisky them moved to white Port casks to finish its maturation.
It is celebrated for its depth, complexity, and the way it evolves on the nose and palate.

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Bowmore The Changeling 22 Year Old 70CL is a special and limited-edition single malt Scotch whisky from the Bowmore distillery. This particular expression is known for its unique flavor profile and the intrigue surrounding its name. H

Bowmore The Changeling 22 Year Old typically has a rich amber to mahogany hue, which is indicative of its extended aging in oak casks.

The nose of this whisky is often described as complex and evolving, hence the name “The Changeling.”
Initially, you may detect rich and dark fruit notes, including ripe berries and dried fruits like figs and dates.
There’s a subtle smokiness, characteristic of Islay whiskies, but it’s often described as more delicate and integrated.
As you continue to nose the whisky, it may undergo a transformation, revealing additional layers of complexity, including hints of cocoa, coffee, and oak.

On the palate, Bowmore The Changeling 22 Year Old offers a multifaceted flavor experience.
The dark fruit notes persist, along with a velvety sweetness reminiscent of toffee and dark chocolate.
The peat smoke, while present, is typically well-balanced and doesn’t dominate the palate, allowing the other flavors to shine.
There’s a noticeable oak influence, with subtle spices and a hint of leather or tobacco.

The finish is long and satisfying, with the rich, dark fruitiness and smokiness lingering on the palate.
It often leaves a warming and slightly spicy aftertaste, along with a touch of maritime brininess.

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