Kavalan N1 70CL 
Kavalan N1 70CL

Kavalan N1 70CL


Kavalan N1 70CL  : Kavalan’s Distillery Select series showcases the fine art of blending and the exquisite cask selection of Taiwan’s premier distillery. Expression No.1 in this series exquisitely brings out the aroma of tropical fruits unique to Kavalan, creating a soft and thick multi-layered taste. Its aroma is long-lasting, lingering with creamy toffee, woodiness, and vanilla notes. A long finish with notes of sweetness.

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Kavalan N1 70CL is a unique whiskey celebrating the expertise of Kavalan Master Blender, Ian Chan. Following the numerous awards received, including the 2018 Distiller of the Year award, the master blender has created a rich and mellow single malt , marked by unique notes of tropical fruits, caramel and vanilla. A whiskey that will satisfy both the novice drinker and the whiskey connoisseur.

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