Glenfarclas 35Y 75CL
Glenfarclas 35Y 75CL

Glenfarclas 35Y 75CL


Glenfarclas 35Y 75CL is a limited-edition release, matured for a grand total of 35 years in the finest sherry casks. The single malt is reminiscent of roasted almonds, dried dark fruits and creamy toffee. Lingering notes of cinnamon and cocoa powder create a warm, decadent finish.

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Glenfarclas 35Y 75CL This rare single malt matured in former Oloroso Sherry casks for 35 years. There he acquired his deep and delicious aroma profile that only decades in oak can achieve.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: fresh herbs at the beginning, clearly menthol, followed by sweet sherry aromas and dark fruits
Palate: intense tones of sherry and creamy malt, plus notes of fresh bread and ginger – behind which are nuts and chocolate
Finish: incredibly long finish with complex notes of cocoa, spicy oak and some smoke

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