Glenfarclas 17Y 70CL
Glenfarclas 17Y 70CL

Glenfarclas 17Y 70CL


Glenfarclas 17Y 70CL is a rare Scotch, quite scarce in France. Rich and complex, this version has remarkable balance, between the power of 15 Years Old and 21 Years Old. This whisky combines the young Glenfarclas’ springiness and the depth and complexity of the older expressions.

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Glenfarclas 17Y 70CL A delicious, richly sherried Glenfarclas aged for 17 years .
Loads of character and depth.
ABV: 43%
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Complex and sophisticated, notes of buttery toffee, malt sherried peels, dates and even a hint of peat! Palate: Full-bodied and rich, it fills and coats the palate with warming nutmeg, sherried fruits, cinnamon and mixed peels. Finish: Long, spicy and sweet with just a hint of smoke on the tail.

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