Balvenie Day Of Dark Barley 26Y 70CL
Balvenie Day Of Dark Barley 26Y 70CL

Balvenie Day Of Dark Barley 26Y 70CL


Balvenie Day Of Dark Barley 26Y 70CL the third entry in Balvenie’s charming Stories series, an attempt from the Speysiders to shine a light on some of the moments and traditions that shaped the distillery. This one is a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, celebrating the arrival of the dark barley that was used to produce this fantastic 26 year old.

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Balvenie Day Of Dark Barley 26Y 70CL is an exciting new whisky from one of our favourite Speyside distilleries. It was the result of an experimentation by Malt Master David C. Stewart in 1992. He chose to use a rather unusual batch of dark, brittle barley to see what effect it had on the whisky. It was then left to mature for a whole 26 years before being ready for the bottle and released as part of the popular Balvenie Stories series.

It is a slightly heavier whisky than Balvenie are used to producing, with rich malty notes, toasted oak, citrus and sweet honey being the stars of the show.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Big malty notes, soft brown sugar, vanilla toffee, blossom honey and a mild oaky spiciness.
Palate: Syrupy with a toffee sweetness, some citrusy notes of tangy orange peel, followed by oak vanilla and a touch of cinnamon and ginger spices at the end.
Finish: Enduring gentle waves of vanilla and oak spices.

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