Tobermory 23Y 70CL
Tobermory 23Y 70CL

Tobermory 23Y 70CL


Tobermory 23Y 70CL was distilled and filled into whisky refill hogsheads in June 1996, before being released as the popular Tobermory 15 Year Old back in 2008. This expression took the original liquid from the 15-year-old, and then transferred it into Gonzales Byass supreme quality casks in July 2014. Bottled 7 years later at 46.3% ABV and without chill-filtration, the final result is an exquisite sherried malt with a natural, deep rose gold colour.

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Tobermory 23Y 70CL : The Isle of Mull’s Tobermory Distillery has gone ahead and released a marvellous 23 year old single malt, which has been treated to a finishing period in Gonzales Byass sherry casks after ageing in refill hogsheads! Interestingly, this liquid was originally from the popular Tobermory 15 Year Old release in 2008, but it has been allowed a few more years of maturation, letting is fab flavour profile develop further.

Tasting Notes:
Nose Caramelised dates and walnuts, followed by orange, barley, blackcurrant jam and brioche.
Palate Crunchie Bars, melted butter with a subtle salty tang to it, a hint of rum cake, sultana and fig.
Finish Soft vanilla tablet and milk chocolate.

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