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GlenAllachie Quarter Cask 8Y 70CL


GlenAllachie Quarter Cask 8Y 70CL One of three mid-2019 release from the GlenAllachie Distillery, each on utilising a different type of cask finish. This particular expression is an 8 year old single malt which initially aged in American oak barrels before it interestingly enjoyed a finishing period in small quarter casks that previously held Koval Rye. Koval is an excellent distillery in Chicago, and its rye packs heaped helpings of maple syrup and earthy spices, so expect some of that to come through in GlenAllachie’s great whisky.

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GlenAllachie Quarter Cask 8Y 70CL This golden malt was first matured in the finest American Barrels with an additional maturation period in Organic Rye Quarter Casks from Chicago’s Koval Distillery. The wood to liquid ratio is greater here, meaning the signature Rye spiciness has a greater impact on the spirit. We closely monitor the process to produce an exciting, sensational result.

Aroma:Full on rich spices, cinnamon and nutmeg with waves of honey and butterscotch.
Taste:Intense sweet spices enriched with honey, butterscotch, cooking apples and cloves.
Colour:Rich Gold.

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