Glenfiddich 30Y New Edition 70CL
Glenfiddich 30Y New Edition 70CL

Glenfiddich 30Y New Edition 70CL


Glenfiddich 30Y New Edition 70CL An exceptional expression that has spent at least 30 years in Spanish Oloroso and American bourbon oak. Every cask nosed, selected and married by our Malt Master. For the finest balance of hearty oak and honeyed warmth. Taste: Sherry, Fig, Dark Chocolate.

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Glenfiddich 30Y New Edition 70CL A rich and fruity limited-edition single malt from Glenfiddich, Suspended Time was matured in a combination of European and American oak for three decades before being bottled as part of the Re-Imagination of Time series. Aromas of oak spice, dried fruit, toasted walnuts and soft baking spices fill the nose, complemented by notes of heather honey, rose petals, dates, mature oak and dried figs throughout the palate. This bottle is presented in a contemporary decanter and modernist display case that gives the illusion that it is suspended in mid-air.
Tasting Notes:
Aspects of apple: sharp green apples, toffee apples, apples with toffee sauce. They’re joined by barley sugar, sherbet lemons, butterscotch and butter icing. Leafy and fresh-cut grass notes develop, along with creamy toffee, hay and Rich Tea biscuits, with a hint of Garibaldi biscuit following close behind.
Soft rounded and buttery. Old polished oak leads, with creamy toffee following. Spice and sharp apple softens to bright apple sauce with gentle spicing. Spun sugar, barley sugar and gentle char are balanced, supported by a touch sappy oak. Crème brûlée with a singed top rounds things out.
Cinnamon and allspice with apples, skins and pips included. Sweet polished oak, soft char and toffee apples linger, with a hint of aniseed ball heat.

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