Glenfiddich 12Y Triple Oak 70CL
Glenfiddich 12Y Triple Oak 70CL

Glenfiddich 12Y Triple Oak 70CL


Glenfiddich 12Y Triple Oak 70CL: This Glenfiddich has undergone aging in three distinct types of barrel: namely American oak and European ex-sherry casks for twelve years, prior to being blended with whisky from new French Oak barrels. It’s an excellent expression from a legendary Speyside distiller.

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Glenfiddich 12Y Triple Oak 70CL, A magnifique expression from Glenfiddich, this 12 year old single malt was originally released for retail in France, so you can practice your French by studying the label! Combining whiskies matured in a trio of American oak, European ex-sherry oak, and French virgin oak casks. The influence from each variety results in a splendidly complex character, brimming with an abundance of sweet spice, vanilla, and fruit. 
Tasting Note:
Nose: Heaps of fruit with fresh pear, sugared plums, and zesty orange with wafts of sweet vanilla crème brûlée.

Palate: Creamy barley with more fresh orchard fruit, vanilla fudge, and delicate oak spice follow softly toasted almonds and hints of gingerbread.

Finish: Rich, sweet malt with yet more fresh, delicate fruit, vanilla cream, and woody spice.

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