GlenAllachie Wine Series Cuvee Cask Finish 70CL
GlenAllachie Wine Series Cuvee Cask Finish 70CL

GlenAllachie Wine Series Cuvee Cask Finish 70CL


GlenAllachie Wine Series Cuvee Cask Finish 70CL Distilled in 2012 and bottled in 2022, this release features four exceptional wine finishes married into one expression. Languedoc, Recioto Della Valpolicella and two Premier Cru Classe Chateaux Barriques.

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GlenAllachie Wine Series Cuvee Cask Finish 70CL :
To craft The GlenAllachie Wine Series, Master Blender Billy Walker first expertly matured Glenallachie’s complex spirit in the finest American oak ex-Bourbon barrels, before transferring the whisky into hand-selected European wine barriques for secondary ageing. Famed for his ability to strike the perfect balance between innovation and tradition, Billy added a distinctive twist to this release by ultimately blending four exceptional wine cask finishes into one unique expression: The Cuvée Wine Cask Finish. A French term, Cuvée is used in the wine industry to indicate a wine of superior quality in which two or more grape varieties have been blended. This Cuvée is a true illustration of Billy Walkers blending prowess gained across his 50 years of experience. With a passion for sourcing casks from niche producers, he acquired wine barriques from the world-famous wine regions of Languedoc and Valpolicella, along with casks from two Premier Cru Classé chateaux in Bordeaux to both complement, and elevate, our honeyed spirit. The character development of each individual barrique was carefully monitored, before the whiskies were expertly married by Billy to create this golden liquid, offering up elegant stone fruits, hints of toasted almonds and zesty orange peel on the palate.

Tasting Notes:
COLOUR: Golden Bronze.
NOSE: Bursting with orange blossom, espresso, maraschino cherries and honeysuckle, with hints of candied stone fruits, hazelnuts, lavender and cinnamon.
TASTE: Waves of dark chocolate, red currants and burnt coffee beans, followed by crystalised almonds, blackberries and orange UNDER EMBARGO zest, with ginger and liquorice on the finish

ABV: 48%

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