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Glenallachie 8Y Scottich Oak Finish 70CL


Glenallachie 8Y Scottich Oak Finish 70CL Superb single malt from GlenAllachie, this eight-year-old expression join’s the third batch of the distillery’s Virgin Oak Series. After beginning its maturation in American oak bourbon barrels, the whisky was treated to a finishing period of roughly 18 months in freshly filled Scottish oak casks. 

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Glenallachie 8Y Scottich Oak Finish 70CL Batch Three of The GlenAllachie Virgin Oak Series are all first matured in American oak ex-bourbon casks, with an additional maturation for approximately 18 months in a variety virgin oak casks: Scottish, Hungarian and Spanish oak. Each of these three woods react uniquely with the GlenAllachie spirit, adding texture, depth and variety.
This one is aged for eight years, finished in virgin oak casks crafted from Scottish Sessile oak, grown on the Atlantic west coast. Notoriously difficult to work with from growing, milling, and coopering, this wood imparts luxurious, zesty notes of blonde chocolate, orange and toffee.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: butterscotch, cinnamon and heather honey.
Palate: honey, orchard fruits, citrus and white chocolate.
Finish: toffee and butterscotch

ABV: 48%

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