GlenAllachie 2007 70CL
GlenAllachie 2007 70CL

GlenAllachie 2007 70CL


GlenAllachie 2007 70CL Glenallachie 2007 PX Puncheon Cask 58.9% ABV – This is the latest hand filled distillery exclusive release from Glenallachie, matured for 14 years in a PX Puncheon.

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GlenAllachie 2007 70CL seventh batch of single casks specially selected for the UK, each demonstrating the unique interaction of the wood, spirit, and subsequent flavour extension.
Renowned for his Sherry cask maturation expertise, Billy hand-picked this Oloroso Puncheon (2007 #800179) to be bottled. A drier style of Sherry wine originating from Jerez, a city in the Spanish province of Cádiz, Oloroso offers nuttier flavours, with dried fruits and warm spices. This particular Puncheon has imparted notes of toasted walnuts, dark chocolate tart and winter spices to the 15-year-old spirit held within.

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