Balvenie The Second Rose 21Y
Balvenie The Second Rose 21Y 70CL

Balvenie The Second Rose 21Y 70CL


Balvenie The Second Rose 21Y 70CL has been matured for 21 years and finished in Australian Shiraz casks giving a distinct rosy blush to the whisky. Enjoy a unique single malt swirling with romance, a ripe fruit aroma, and gentle woody spice flavour notes that end with a lingering oak finish.

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Balvenie The Second Rose 21Y 70CL a 2021 release in the Balvenie Stories series, The Second Red Rose harks back to a release from the distillery’s history.
For The Second Red Rose, the 21 year old single malt you see here, Balvenie’s malt master David C. Stewart chose to finish the expression in Australian Shiraz casks, imparting a whole host of ripe fruit notes, touches of blackberry and peach, a helping of rich oak, and of course, a rosy hue.

Tasting Note:
Nose: Intense ripe fruits combined with robust earthy tones, reveal the mouth-watering fragrance from fresh mango and subtle oak.
Palate: An initial burst of blackberry and ripe peach sweetness, conceal flavours of vibrant oak and cracked black pepper leaving a gentle woody spice.
Finish: Lingering oakiness.

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