Aberfeldy 12Y 70CL
Aberfeldy 12Y 70CL

Aberfeldy 12Y 70CL



Aberfeldy 12Y 70CL Known as the Golden Dram, Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt is a classic fruity whisky with a honeyed richness and smooth approachable taste.

A honeyed dram with notes of fruit, spices, lots of vanilla and just a hint of smoke.

Aberfeldy 12 is matured in a combination of Sherry, Bourbon, re-fill and re-char casks.

The ‘Angels’ Share’ is the whisky lost over the years while the liquid is maturing in oak- casks, disappearing into the air before we’re ready to bottle.

Almost a third is lost before we’re ready to to bottle our Aberfeldy 12 year old.

Aberfeldy has been awarded over 150 Gold Medals by the world’s top spirits competitions for its Golden Dram.



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